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    [1] An (in-character) Introduction

    Dear members of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom,

    Here before you lies my application to become a member of your notorious kinship. Before I explain why I want to join, I'd better tell you a bit about myself.

    I am Rubellita Brandybuck. I am a young hobbit from Buckland, where I grew up with my Pa and my Ma. When I became of age, a short while ago, my parents told me that I was not their natural child, but a foundling. This news turned my life upside down and I decided to go and find my "real" parents. The only lead I had was an old note that had been included in the little basket that I was in as a baby. It gave me the name of my mother, Yola, but very little else. Searching for Yola and my unnamed father, I ultimately ended up in the Shire, only to learn that Yola was not alive anymore. Yola had died serving the cause of the Free Peoples Army, but under suspicous circumstances. Eventually I hope to learn more about that and help bring the culprits to justice. As to the identity of my "real" father, I have no clue yet. But that's something I need to find out too. I already know that this will be a near impossible task.

    In my search for Yola, I had the good fortune of meeting her brother, Peppy Bristlebrush. I believe you know him well too. From him, I learned much about who my mother was. He tells me I look very much like her, just a younger edition. Now, what I've learned about Yola, that is a good thing. Unfortunately I can never meet her, and being mistaken for her sometimes makes me a bit sad. But knowing how much she was liked, gives me a warm feeling. I do not aim to emulate her in every way. I am not her, after all. But the things she did and stood for are mostly the same things that I strive to as well.

    So I did not have to think long when my Uncle Peppy came to me and suggested I'd apply for membership of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom. From him I learned who you are and what you stand for and try to achieve. Finding out history.. one's own and one's people's, that is what attracts me the most. Maybe I can get help from the Order in my own searches, but more important is that I want to give support and actually help achieve the Order's goals. Knowing that my mother has been doing the same, makes me very eager.

    After I met my uncle, he introduced me to many of his friends, some of them are already member of the Order. Most, if not all, of them I regard as personal friends too. I'd like to be a bit closer to them and get to know them better, cooperate with them as good as I can.

    With that, I hope I have covered why I would like to join the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom. I have aquired some skills in my young life: I am a jeweller, a cook and a warden/bounder and a musician. I hope I can use these skills to help out where needed.

    Is there anyhing else that I must mention.. Ah, please, do not abbreviate my name to "Ruby". I really dislike that. When I found out I was a foundling, so much in my life was changed and turned upside down. I had the notion that my name, Rubellita, was the only thing I could keep. It is the name my real mother has given me and I want to honour that. She named me after a beautiful gem called a rubellite, which is different from a ruby.

    I've written down my adventures of my search for Yola in a diary. Please, feel free to take a look and read more there. (( It is still a work in progress. There are a few more chapters in the making.

    If there are questions concerning my application that have not yet been answered in this form, please contact me by postal service or at my home in 2 Pleasant Street, Bramblebury. (I live next door to Miss Lina).

    Wishing you well and hoping to hear from you in the near future,

    With the most friendly regards,

    Rubellita Brandybuck.

    [2] RP Experience

    My experience with roleplaying games comes from computer rpg's only. I never played the table top games. The Baldur's gate series and the Elder Scroll's series are still among my favourites. My very first experience with MMORPG's (Lineage) was not a favourable one, but I am glad I persevered. Rubies of Eventide, Dark Age of Camelot and World of Warcraft were the games I played before coming to LotRO some three years ago (see below)

    [3] LOTRO Experience

    I have been playing this game around three years now. First experience in Lotro was on another server, but then I decided to try a proper roleplaying server and came to Laurelin. It changed the total character of the game, being here on Laurelin, in a very positive sense. I like to take things slow, enjoying each and every new area. I play solo a lot when leveling, and I love sometimes to just be a hobbit among hobbits, creating a social life for my characters. I tried out all classes, races and vocations with just as many alts, but I now play only a small group of them and they are hobbits exclusively. So I have not got to high level yet. Peppy is now 54 and the highest ranking one.

    O, and I am sure you know how much I love the music making system of Lotro! I try to make the most of it and try constantly to find new music for solo as well as the band. Lyrics writing is not my strongest point, but I do like to give it a try.

    [4] Character

    Rubellita is a hobbit warden, currently of level 44. She is a tinker(er), so jeweller, cook and prospector, and is at highest rank in the Jeweller's Guild. Peppy and Rubellita both are my mains now. The other alts are supporting cast, that I send resources to in exchange for armour, scholar stuff, weaponry, etc. On some occasions I like to bring both Peppy and Rubellita online with the aid of a second computer. This is challenging, but great fun! None of my hobbits are currently in a kinship.
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    A warm welcome to the Order, miss!
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    Welcome ter the Order miss Rubellita, grand ter have yer here!
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    Welcome Miss Rubellita! *cheers*
  5. Rubellita Member

    Thank you all so much! I already feel at home with you. *cheers*

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