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    On a crisp fall day the smell of wood-fires and breakfast cooking was in the air of Burrbridge, as it was in neighborhoods throughout the Shire. Rubysue Boggs cantered up to her front door and reigned in her horse. She, being an early riser, had already eaten one breakfast before taking Dancer for a run through the nearby fields and woodlands.

    Handing Dancer an apple from the saddlebag, she loosened her saddle and then stroked courser’s mane saying quietly, “We’re gonna leave that on, baby. We’ll be on the road again soon enough, so you rest up now.”

    Once inside, Rubysue set to preparing a proper second breakfast. Fried eggs, a mound of beacon, toast with butter and honey, and a beer tankard of milk rounded out the meal she laid out for herself before settling into a comfortable chair and considering what to write in her application to the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom.


    My name is Rubysue Boggs, and this letter is meant to serve as an official request to join up with the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom. It is also an introduction of myself to any that don’t know or remember me, and to add a bit of extra information about me for those few who may recall me but not really know me much.

    First of all, I’m not actually a Shire Hobbit, strictly speaking, having been born in Stadle which is, as some of you may know, a little town full of Hobbit folk off in Breeland. But I came to the Shire years ago with my father, Garboc Boggs, and I’ve lived here ever since except when I’m off wandering around, which I like to do. And I do hope that any of you nice folks that know my dad won’t be holding him against me, because I’m not like he is, not even a little bit really.

    So I mentioned that I like wandering around, and that is true enough since I just love finding out what’s over that next hill and particularly if there’s old ruins and forts and castles and such about. I love sitting in the old places and trying to imagine the flags flying and silver trumpets blowing and maybe the old King riding through the gate and fine things like that, even though it’s been a long time since any of that went on in those places now.

    And most of the time my wandering around really doesn’t cause troubles or any of the things some hobbits may think happens to folks that get past the borders of the Shire, though there are some pretty rough folk also wandering around out there. But there’s also some really nice folks and when I meet them it makes me feel good even though I often end up in more of a mess from trying to help them out than I would have if I’d kept my nose out of it. But that doesn’t really have anything to do with this application.

    So anyway, I’ve been off wandering beyond the bounds a long time and the farther I wandered the more and more I was really missing being with proper hobbit folk with my toes in good Shire dirt. So I think I got at least some of my wandering done with and I’m hoping to be joining up with you folk that I know do an awful lot of good for the Shire and hobbits as a whole. I can’t sing, and I’m only so so with a lute, and I’m not very good at figuring out riddles either, but I love to dance and maybe spin a tale once in a while, and I’m a fair wood worker and have sold a few of my wares on your market days in the past without getting any complaints from the customers.

    I hope you’ll consider me for a member and that I’ve understood what it is that I’m supposed to write here in this letter.

    Most Sincerely Yours,
    Rubysue Boggs
    4 Wending Way
    Burrbridge, in the Shire

    With an exasperated sigh, Rubysue dabbed at a dribble of honey that had landed on the last, and perhaps most important paragraph, but decided that it wasn’t smudged enough to warrant rewriting the entire thing. Besides, she told herself, it was other hobbits that would be reading it, surely they’d be understanding.
  2. Lina Chief

    Welcome to the Order, miss Rubysue! It is grand to have yer with us!
  3. Nimelia Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Hooray and welcome!
  4. Potty Member


    Hullo Miss Rubysue!

    A warm welcome ter yer!
  5. Neti Member

    Yay! Welcome to the Order!
  6. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Welcome to our kin, Miss Rubysue!
  7. Rubellita Member

    Welcome, Miss Rubysue! It was nice to meet you at the kinmeeting.

    Do you get that too, that they shorten your name to Ruby? Personally I don't like that, but maybe you don't mind? And as long as they call you Ruby they won't call me Ruby! *cheers*
  8. Rubysue Member

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. I've been really touched by how easy you've made it be for me to sort of slip in and feel comfortable and not like an outsider at all.

    And, Miss Rubellita, I don't get my nose much out of joint if someone calls me Ruby, though as with yer own name, I don't think anybody is saving themselves a lot of work by not calling me as my Momma must have intended. But certainly if it'll make things easier folks are welcome to call me Ruby. *Grins and winks.*
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