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    Semphi was a hobbit of meager importance in the Shire. But that did not deter her fair face and button like nose from smelling a sense of adventure. It was a most unpleasant feeling that itched at her like a crop of onions she thought. They smell and it lingers like an unwelcome guest.

    It was market evening and Semphi continued her farming like any respectful hobbit family would. Her itching oniony feeling would not leave her though and she tried to ignore it. But as she was farming and cropping back weeds in her patch, something shiny appeared in the soil. Semphi's Green eyes seemed to glaze over with excitement. Boy did she love shiny objects! Her hobby or rather obsession with them began as a child when she realised shiny things often meant they were worth something, Or later she decided, usually looked fancy. She quickly picked it up in surprisingly fair, soft hands and skipped back to the market. Hoping to get it examined.

    IT was here she realised it was market evening and all them posh hobbits were about. She wasn't a fan of them higher up political games, she quickly did funny impressions of them in her mind, putting on passable accents "Oh! Well one can't be seen wearing yellow! it's just not that time of year!" she chuckled lowly to herself. She quickly sold the shiny object to the market vendor and made a nice amount of coin, she didn't mind what it was, she could now eat for a month like the mayor. But it was then that she realised they were mathom hunters. It was then she realised that, that often lead to shiny objects, it was then that the onion adventurey feeling almost choked her. It was then that they seemed just like her. It was then that she realised she had to impress them and it was then that she decided to have an adventure.

    By the time the evening had passed she had all but spent her coin. She purchased some paper, she picked the best one and set off to write a letter about herself and she thought hard about how to impress them posh ones she met at the market. "Especially that one who gave her them shiny tools. Oh and that one that gave her the nicely stitched clothes. Oh and O'course that one with the special strawberry ale"...Panic struck her mind like a shire tater in the winter. Cold and tough.

    "Blummin' Posh Hobbits! Ev'rywhere!" She said out loud quickly turning around, hoping that no one notices. Her attention moved back towards the fancy paper with colors she had bought with her excess farming cash. "What a grand month it had been" She thought trailing off again. "Bet them posh 'uns weren't expecting them tips!" She exclaimed towards the Great Willow, and that's just how she felt. Great.
    However it soon faded as she went back to the paper. "What do they calls it? AHA! Writer-ers block! I can write just like any posh hobbit I can!" She quickly scribbled on the paper and looked in dismay. "Hmph!"

    Pressing the quill she plucked freshly from one of her chickens, she pushed it into the inkwell...well it was more of a small pot she had previously used for her herbs, she splattered the paper with the will of what could only be described as an angry sow. As I'm sure you can imagine it wasn't the prettiest of letters, but that did not stop the feeling of great pride Semphi felt across her sun beaten face as she handed her letter into the local postmaster in Brockenborings. The unsightly letter read:

    "Dear Mathomerers,
    I would like to join yous on your special trips to help ye' gets ye shiny mathoms. I am very excited to do so.
    I like ter play music and listen wi' me ears to it. It makes me happy to do so cause I feel at home.
    I also like ter fish an' farm as me family is always brought up that way ter eat. Like any resp......res...good hobbit family is.
    I like ye' band o' musicers. I always went ter see em play.
    I want to help others as me pa always says resp..resp..respec yer hobbits an they respec ye.
    I like ter eat and natu...natu..course I like ter cook. I am good at sewing things back ter normal.
    I want back ter' have many markets and music nights with ye and maybe special trips.
    See ye' soon.

    Semphi of Brock...Brockenborings.
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  2. Lina Chief

    A warm welcome to the Order, miss Semphi! Lovely to have yer with us!
  3. Rubellita Member

    Welcome, Miss Semphi! We've only met briefly, but I fondly remember our first contact when you treated me to a flute cponcert!
  4. Potty Member

    *waves* Welcome, Miss Semphi!
  5. Spriggy Member

    *cheers for Semphi*
  6. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Welcome to the Order Semphi!
  7. Semphi Member

    Well thank yer all kindly! Them shinys don't find 'em selfs!
  8. Lully Member

    Jus' keep a sharp eye out, Semphi! Them turn up most unexpectedly!

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