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Discussion in 'Stories & Tales' started by Lina, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Lully Member

    At least its yellow *chuckles*... on second thoughts... maybe not... eek!
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  2. Lina Chief

    roleplaying 01.jpg

    Thainspotting. Choose biscuits.
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  3. Pycella Member

    Master Elk likes the new decoration opportunities!


    And while he enjoys his weed, I can sleep under the stars.

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  4. Pycella Member

    Greetings from the scary Green Dragon!



    # Smoke drifts from my pants as the dragon wags its tail
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  5. Lina Chief

    fog 01.jpg

    Sometimes the fog lies like a blanket over Michel Delving

    peekabo 01.jpg

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  6. Pycella Member

    Hedges seem to be the favorite food of rabbits too! Today I spotted these two rabbits nibbling the Hedge Maze wall:

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  7. Potty Member

    Spring seems ter have awoken the curiosity of many animals!


    I wonder what this little fox was lookin' fer!
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  8. Pycella Member

    The options:

    a) there is a bird's nest up that tree
    b) the fox lives in a tree house
    c) there is a biscuit stash
    d) that is not a fox, it is just a big squirrel
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  9. Potty Member


    The tree does have some yellow flowers! It could be a secret biscuit stash!
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  10. Rubysue Member

    They've significantly upgraded the little turtle Nanu's hiding place and made it much more worthy of a large yard socket. But if you want the little turtle...


    You gotta talk to the BIG TURTLE!

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  11. Lina Chief

    nimbus 01.jpg

    The innkeeper at the Golden Perch was so excited about his new Nimbus 2000, he didn't even bother to go outside to try it.
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  12. Potty Member

    I visited the furniture store lookin' fer a fancy readin' chair!


    This one was right comfy and even had a brandy cup holder!

    But sadly it was one of them do it yerself kits, and all that looked a bit too complicated ter me!
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  13. Lina Chief

    yoga 01.jpg

    yoga 02.jpg

    Scenes from the Witch King yoga class and the highly effective "All yer biscuits are belong to me" pose.

    Come to think of it, it was more like a Doga class (dog and yoga)
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  14. Pycella Member

    *giggles* I think we saw a sneak peek of that doga class on last Saturday!

    Talking about classes...

    Let me tell the tale of the bat woman who failed Simbo's dancing class:


    She didn't do her homework. The end.
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  15. Potty Member


    This lass has been takin' a gambit class herself!


    So far wit varyin' results, but at least she seems better off than that bat woman!
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  16. Rubysue Member

    This is a bit different than most "Show and Tell Short Stories" in that the picture I'm going to show isn't your average screen painting of some moment of action, adventure, or exploration. Rather, it is about confusion, bafflement, and befuddlement.

    As you are probably aware, wardens have a number of personal travel skills that let us "Muster" in various places around Middle Earth. Very useful, as you can probably imagine. But... since the big battle outside of Minas Tirith things have gotten a bit confusing, and they're getting worse. See, back in the good old days, as the saying goes, the Mayor used to make unique icons for each travel skill that made picking out the one you wanted real easy. But that seems to have gone by the wayside. I now have six matching Muster icons to sort through. Minas Tirith (the original), After-Battle Minas Tirith (I let this slide because it was the same place, just a different point in time), After-Battle Osgiliath (I was starting to become annoyed, but could keep them sorted pretty good.), Henneth Annun (I was annoyed), Camp of the Host (will they ever make a new icon?!), and now Haerondir. Somebody needs to knock on the door of the art department. Icons aren't that hard.

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  17. Lina Chief

  18. Rubysue Member

    Thank you, Lina. I've got that, but since there are generally only a limited number of places I muster to with regularity, I've always found it easy enough to keep them as hotkeys. Those being the:
    • Return to personal and kin houses
    • Return to Shire
    • Return to bind
    • Muster in Forlaw because of easy access to vendors, bank, auctioneer and forge/relic masters
    • Muster in Esteldin because it is a central travel point (Bree and Rivendell)
    • Muster in Galtrev for access to Craft Guilds and close skirmish camp
    • And lately Muster in 21st Hall because I've been crashing every time I go to Forlaw.
    Besides those I just need the places I'm currently adventuring, and it's there that all of a sudden all the icons look alike.

    My main point in making that graphic was to post it to Twitter suggesting to @lotro that they could do better. But figured I'd share my frustration here too! :confused:
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  19. Lina Chief

    mouth of sauron.jpg

    Epic battles in history: Mouth of Sauron vs. mouthy hobbit.
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  20. Pycella Member

    You don't have to walk into Mordor to face ancient evil.... Just take a walk in the Frogmoors!


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