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Discussion in 'Stories & Tales' started by Lina, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Lully Member

    I love these moments:

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  2. Lully Member

    Hat tips: keep it clean fer a start! *chuckles*


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  3. Neti Member

    Today I've been chased by a scary dragon!

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  4. Pycella Member

    Congratulations to our Queen Dassa and King Potty!


    Yes, that's Potty. You can recognise him by those brave first words he spoke after the coronation.
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  5. Rubellita Member

    Long live the King and Queen!

    Congratulations, Master Potty! I'm sure you'll make a fine king with Miss Dassa by your side.
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  6. Potty Member

    I went ter visit Master Rumble at the Party Tree and noticed he had a pile of scrolls lyin' around!


    When I had a look at what seems ter be a map, I wondered if that might be a clue about those odds scraps of paper we have been findin'!
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  7. Lina Chief

    fizzers 01.jpg

    Fizzer time at the Methel Stage! Boom!

    tunics 01.jpg

    Hum. At least we didn't colour-coordinate as well...
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  8. Neti Member

  9. Lina Chief

    Hooray! Congratulations!
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  10. Neti Member

    Thank you!!
  11. Potty Member


    Well done, Miss Neti! Congratulations!

    Your post was a nice read!

    Personally I think the Epic story offers some of the best quests found in the game, and I always enjoy doing them!

    As with any MMO there's also a fair amount of repeating the same content, so it's best ter find a balance of activities that interest yer in order ter keep things engagin'! I think the Laurelin Hobbit community certainly helps a lot in that respect!
  12. Lully Member

    Taking some time of from working in the onion fields, them Evendim Hillbillies made one of their scarce appearances outside of Oatbarton at yesterday's OAKS, playing one of their signature tunes:


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  13. Lully Member

    We have (in the UK) a lovely phrase to describe somet that's really quick and fast, such things are said to be "faster than a rat up a drainpipe".

    Well, here's a rat up a tent pole from them eastern lands *chuckles*:

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  14. Lully Member

    Me faithful hound managed to sniff out and track down a wizzer in them Old Annoying lands. He, the hound, looks bashful about it though *chuckles*

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  15. Lully Member

    Lully attends a class in Scolding to brush up her techniques:


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  16. Lina Chief

    hare 01.jpg

    Hey, what's this thing? Is it made of carrots? Can I nibble on it?

    (A field hare I met in Evendim)
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  17. Rubellita Member

    Good thing you weren't dressed in orange, or he would have nibbled on you!

    At first glance I thought you were RIDING that hare!
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  18. Lina Chief

    Who needs war pigs and eagles when yer got hobbit hare mounts
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  19. Lina Chief

    balrog 02.jpg

    You recall balrogs past
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  20. Rubellita Member

    Maybe this is an odd one out in this thread, as I am not showing an in game screenshot. Please forgive me, if I am breaking any rules here.


    The story behind this: You can take my Uncle Peppy out of the Shire, but he'll bring his music making tools along!
    Shown here are the infamous 4k screen laptop, that does not run Lotro properly, but is here seen running Cubase and, in front of it is the XKey wireless and very compact keyboard. The two bulges on the left of the laptop are a copy protection dongle for Cubase and the "Widibud" to connect the piano keyboard with "Wireless midi". In the back is the case of his Plantronics headphones.
    All put on the kitchen table of our temporary burrow in Vathy, Ithaca, Greece.
    Ofcourse he made sure to bring a version of Maestro and Miss Nimelia's Songbook tools as well.
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