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Discussion in 'Stories & Tales' started by Lina, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Lully Member

    The longer I've owned me burrow, the simpler I like things garden-wise. Have only got trees plus a cute fox ((the N.Ithilien one)) at the moment.... I've taken me chickens inside in case the fox is more sly than cute *chuckles*
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  2. Mollywobbles Member

    Yes Miss Rubellita...which is why I decided to move burrows again. Miss Lobelia aside, I get enough scary things working and adventuring outside t'Shire and really shouldn't have to find ways to avoid them where we live.

    The Southfarthing villages are meant to be happy, comforting places for hobbitses, (imo) - so I don't understand why folks want to make 'em scairy and unwelcoming... t'is the exact opposite of hobbit-life.

    It's really disappointing, to be honest.

    And I'm with you, Miss Lully. The longer I live in the Southfarthing the more I appreciate the simple, joyful, hobbit way of life. I'm in a nice, proper hobbity village now near Miss Anysia. Fingers crossed that folks with peculiar ideas about security and gardening don't move in and ruin it.
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  3. Potty Member


    A lazy stroll in a Golden Forest! Some places feel as if time stands still there!
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  4. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    You look quite different in that painting, Master Potty......

    ... Or does this mean we can be expecting a wedding sometime soon?

    *Starts a rumour*
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  5. Neti Member

    It looks like my work with those Elves isn't over yet.

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  6. Lully Member

    Today, I got meself a lovely new cloak, made by Standstone Tailors of Gondor. The man who sold it to me at quite a good discount said it was "the best cloak that money could buy today". I had me a bargain, Hobbits!

    Sadly, when I got home to me burrow, I noticed a fresh label sewn hastily into the inside of the collar:

    The label reads as follows:

    *sigh* My timing is impeccable

    ((It really is impeccable, just today I finished the Host of The West thrre sub-factions grind and got me Quartermaster of the Hosts Most Flexible Cloak.... *chuckles* ))
  7. Lully Member

    Sometimes you just have to sing what you see:

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  8. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    I always thought the moon was made of Cheddar cheese, but that looks more like Red Leicester cheese to me....
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  9. Lina Chief

    's not the expensive piece of Southfarthing Blue that was devoured by a vile oinker at the Hall yesterday, that's for sure...
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  10. Lully Member

    Playin the blute makes miss Lina one mean piper:


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  11. Lully Member

    Moments from recent ventures:


    Lully has an accident with a fizzer and sets fire to a mountain:

    Lully stops for a game of "Spot The Hound" in the long grass:

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  12. Lina Chief

    nazgul 01.jpg

    Potty looks oddly cheerful when stabbing Nazgul from behind
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  13. Rubysue Member

    Dance to the Music!
    # Ding dong, the Bad Boy's dead #
    # Which ol' Bad Boy? #
    # Tha Mean ol' Bad Boy #
    # Ding dong, Sour Ron is dead! #
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  14. Lully Member

    When I arrive in Aughaire on the Swift Pony with a delivery of Ale and with the Hound in tow, this is often the view (on standard camera settings) I get *chuckles* :


    That Hound has no shame!
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  15. Rubysue Member

    OOC: I've really been enjoying a lot of the artwork I've been seeing in Mordor, but this is one of the better evil fort in the land. Or at least about the best I've come across so far in my travels in the dark land.

    Blood Fort.jpg

    Blood Fort 2.jpg

    Can you guess why they call it the Blood Fort?
    Blood Fort 3.jpg
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  16. Potty Member



    Some adventures are best quickly forgotten!
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  17. Lully Member

    While yer were there, Potty, I hope yer got yer hat tip straightened out *chuckles*
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  18. Rubysue Member

    Can we be expecting to see a towering lad like them Pippen an' Merry turned out when next we see ya Potty? Drinkin' Ent juice is probably an easier way to four foot!
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  19. Lully Member

    The Hobbit Way: attaining a hat size of 115 with a fishing chore in the lovely Shire

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  20. Pycella Member

    When sitting at the Dragon becomes a form of art:

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