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  1. Rubellita Member

    Nah, I think she's just tossing a biscuit covered in lovely icing into the air, to catch it in her mouth!
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  2. Lina Chief

    Now I wish I had!
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  3. Lina Chief

    durin 01.jpg

    # She stopped a while from drinking beer, and saw a crown of trees appear

    (slightly inspired by Song of Durin's Awakening)
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  4. Lina Chief

    thranduil 01.jpg

    My kingdom is in flames and my subjects are being slaughtered by orcs and trolls. But I got this cool-looking elk mount and I ain't getting off it!

    crown bomb 01.jpg

    This one time, I photobombed a crowning ceremony in Minas Tirith.
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  5. Lina Chief

    villain 01.jpg

    Hobbit villain. Probably a Sackville-Baggins.
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  6. Lina Chief

    orange is the new black 01.jpg

    Orange is the new black
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  7. Lina Chief

    ost dunhoth 01.jpg

    Keep calm and go green

    ost dunhoth 02.jpg

    The dangers of indiscriminate mining
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  8. Lina Chief

    red 01.jpg
    A red day, ere the sun rises
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  9. Lully Member

    I musta nodded off while listening to the Bilberries; had a bit of a 'mare about giant shrews or somet:

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  10. Lina Chief

    dance floor 01.jpg

    Disco inferno (aka. Angmar on the dancefloor)
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  11. Lina Chief

    biscuit sunset 01.jpg

    In the hobbit art community, few paintings are as popular as the classic "Devouring biscuits at sunset".
    ((Overview of Minas Tirith from one of the alliance quest instances))

    oliphaunt 01.jpg

    Hobbits and their battle oliphaunts. Grey as a mouse, big as a house, six meals a day or they'll fuss and grouse.
    ((The yard item/slug scarer in Penny's garden))
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  12. Lina Chief

    minas tirith 01.jpg

    Minas Tirith at sunrise, seen from above. Grand views!
    No biscuits were harmed in the making of this picture.

    minas tirith 03.jpg

    Silly king singling me out. So what if I ate a few more biscuits than the rest?
  13. Lina Chief

    oreful 01.jpg

    It is oreful being stuck up here...
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  14. Lina Chief

    oliphaunt 04.jpg

    Who needs a hammock when yer got an oliphaunt? So soft yer feel like yer floating

    sauron 01.jpg

    I bet yer a biscuit Sauron never figured on this fate
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  15. Lina Chief

    pony river 01.jpg

    During the flood at the Ford of Bruinen, "some of the waves took the form of great white horses with shining" yellow riders

    carn dum 02.jpg

    It’s a hard stare. Aunt Lucy taught me to use them when people have forgotten their manners.*
    I'll try it on that Witch King feller.

    * shameless Paddington plug

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  16. Lina Chief

    balrog 02.jpg

    Few envied the lass whose task it was to wake the balrog after the Inn League trial
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  17. Lully Member

    While wandering the Rushock Bog recently at night - I couldn't sleep *chuckles* - I saw somet I never seen before in me near ten years, on and off, of wandering around - this fella:

    Luckily, this bear came out of nowhere and saw off the troll while I ran the other way.

    Catfishers should remain vigilant at night when fishing the pools of the Rushock.
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  18. Lina Chief

    badgers 01.jpg

    Badgers play well under the watchful eyes (and ears) of the Swordman of the Sky
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  19. Lina Chief

    willow 01.jpg

    The willow and the Willowwood
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  20. Rubellita Member

    The willow would;) ... dance?
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