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  1. Rubellita Member

    Nah, I think she's just tossing a biscuit covered in lovely icing into the air, to catch it in her mouth!
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  2. Lina Chief

    Now I wish I had!
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  3. Lina Chief

    durin 01.jpg

    # She stopped a while from drinking beer, and saw a crown of trees appear

    (slightly inspired by Song of Durin's Awakening)
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  4. Lina Chief

    thranduil 01.jpg

    My kingdom is in flames and my subjects are being slaughtered by orcs and trolls. But I got this cool-looking elk mount and I ain't getting off it!

    crown bomb 01.jpg

    This one time, I photobombed a crowning ceremony in Minas Tirith.
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  5. Lina Chief

    villain 01.jpg

    Hobbit villain. Probably a Sackville-Baggins.
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  6. Lina Chief

    orange is the new black 01.jpg

    Orange is the new black
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  7. Lina Chief

    ost dunhoth 01.jpg

    Keep calm and go green

    ost dunhoth 02.jpg

    The dangers of indiscriminate mining
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  8. Lina Chief

    red 01.jpg
    A red day, ere the sun rises
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  9. Lully Member

    I musta nodded off while listening to the Bilberries; had a bit of a 'mare about giant shrews or somet:

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  10. Lina Chief

    dance floor 01.jpg

    Disco inferno (aka. Angmar on the dancefloor)
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