The Badgers visit the Moonshine Party, Saturday 22 April

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The Badgers visit the Moonshine Party

Alebrook, Town Square
Confirmed Attendees: 7
Start Date: Saturday 22 April 17:30 PM
End Date: Saturday 22 April 22:30 PM
Time zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST
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  1. Lina Chief


    The Brandy Badgers takes the not too long road to Alebrook for an ale party with lots of music. Yay for beer! Hopefully there will be berries too! And surely, drunken Badgers just have to play some songs. As well as do some hillbadgering and storybadgering while them's at it too!

    Date: Saturday April 22
    Time: 5:30PM UK time (12:30PM servertime) and onwards. Badgers play at 7:15PM UK (2:15PM servertime)
    Location: Alebrook, 4 Brookbank Street, Shire Homesteads, Laurelin server

    You may have heard that the Alefords and Struck by Moonlight are holding a beer festival in the Shire Homesteads, in the village of Alebrook.

    It is called the Moonshine party. The event is bringing together all sorts of wonderful ales and beers with performances by talented musicians, poets and storytellers to entertain yer whilst yer try out (some of) the many beers on tap.

    Of course there will be pipe-weed and food, as well as conversation. We would be honoured if yer can spare us some of your valuable time if yer are not otherwise busy.

    ​Please feel free to invite friends and relations, all free peoples are welcome


    The Badgers will play at 7:15PM UK time (2:15 PM servertime). In addition, some Badgers will be hillbadgering with the Hillbillies at 8:30PM UK (3:30PM servertime), while Pycella has a story to tell at 9:20PM UK (4:20PM servertime).

    For the full schedule, see the poster below.

    There will be breaks between the acts to encourage RP (roleplaying)

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  2. Lina Chief

    moonshine 02.jpg

    badgers 01.jpg

    moonshine 01.jpg

    A lovely night! Here are some drawings of badgers, berries and barrels.
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  3. Lina Chief

    Miss Holly made a moving drawing of the whole thing, see above!

    1. The Aleford Band and Struck By Moonlight performing an exquisite opening number
    2. Instant Play of Gwaihir (12:45)
    3. Allegretta Aleford, accomplished storyteller, also presenting poems from Master Simbo, renowned Hobbit of Laurelin, followed by an interlude (34:00)
    4. Les Chantefables of Sirannon (56:00)
    5. Mondbarden of Bekegaer (1:22:00)
    6. Brandy Badgers of Laurelin (1:45:00)
    7. Lina Willowwood, renowned storyteller (2:09:00)
    8. Brandywine & Biscuits of Laurelin (2:18:00)
    9. Twink Tinker, enthralling storyteller (2:44:00)
    10. The Evendim Hillbillies of Laurelin (3:00:00)
    11. Dulcet Tones of Crickhollow (3:30:24)
    12, Pycella Woodberry, famed storyteller (3:56:45)
    13. Andune Ensemble of Landroval (4:09:10)
    14. DisEnchanted of Crickhollow (4:34:00)
    15. A Rock and a Hard Place of Gladden (5:01:00)
    16. The Aleford Band and Struck by Moonlight with an enchanting closing number (5:21:00)
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  4. Potty Member


    It's always grand ter have another look at things! Especially when there was a lot of Moonshine involved!

    So thanks yer Miss Holly!
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  5. Rubellita Member

    Oh, now I can still see all the performances that I missed! But I'll have to provide my own ale, that's all.

    Miss Holly, you're a treasure!!
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  6. Lully Member

    Just a few of sketches of some Badgers and some 'Billies:

    Twynk tells a tale, Badgers sit and listen, 'Billies line up ready to play:

    'Billies full band line up:

    One of my top five parties *chuckles*
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