The Eldar Shire Scholars Museum & Library Opening, Saturday 12 January

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The Eldar Shire Scholars Museum & Library...

4 Brookbank Street, Gladcreek
Confirmed Attendees: 4
Start Date: Saturday 12 January 19:30 PM
End Date: Saturday 12 January 20:30 PM
Time zone: Europe/London +00:00 GMT
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  1. Lina Chief


    There's a new museum opening in Gladcreek!
    The Eldar Shire Scholars Museum & Library is proud ter announce its Grand Opening!
    And there is a birthday to celebreate too!

    What: The Eldar Shire Scholars Museum & Library GRAND OPENING
    Where: 4 Brookbank, Gladcreek, Southfarthing – THE SHIRE
    When: Saturday January 12, 7:30 pm (UK Time)

    One of my Elfish Guardians, Miss Laureliniel, thought it would be grand fer me to finally set up a museum devoted to Hobbitses & Elfses Scholarship. As I was raised in Rivendell and have now lived in The Shire for many years and devoted myself to mathom studies, she thought I was uniquely qualified to manage it. To that end she has established "The Eldar Shire Scholars" for me.

    I haven't had the chance ter celebrate my birthday in the Shire at all... so I thought I might finally do sommat about that – so the Grand Opening is my way of sharing my birthday with Shirefolk and friends.

    Entertainment would be grand so all bands, bards, and poetical folk are welcome, payment in all yer can eat from the cafe!

    Miss Mollywobbles Puddingdale
    Senior Curator & Scholar, Eldar Shire Scholars Museum & Library
    Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
  2. Rubellita Member

    It was a wonderful evening and so much to be seen at the Museum!
    At the library, I borrowed a book called "Bounders and how they do rounds and inspections", subtitle: "No rocks were snoozed at while writing this book, only when researching"
    I was totally impressed by the Museum and Library, to a point that I forgot to make any sketches!
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  3. Mollywobbles Member

    Thank yer for yer support Miss Rubellita! *cheers*

    So yer found the unofficial Bounders Guide to the Inns of the Shire... 10 minutes worth of reading! *giggles*

    I was so caught up in the goings-on I plum fergot ter make drawings too!!! *cries*
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  4. Lina Chief

    It was a grand time! Thanks for setting it up and showing us around!
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  5. Mollywobbles Member

    Thank yer for coming and for your support Miss Lina! *cheers*

    By the way - the late fee for book returns is usually a large tin of biscuits per week but I'll settle for a pie in your case because you'd lick me good in a biscuit fight! *giggles*

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