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    The Yule is right around the corner! And that means that the Grand Order hobbits will put up a Yule calendar right here on their noticeboard.

    From 1st December until 24th December, we will present you yuleish, hobbity surprises to help you prepare for the holidays and get into a cheerful mood. There will be recipes, drawings, poems, music, games and maybe even some silly things. The surprises will be presented here, in this thread. Each day, a new surprise will wait for you. We hope that you'll enjoy the calendar!
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    It's December, and time to reveal our first Yule calendar surprise! It's one of my favourite pie recipes with a Yuleish twist!

    Lingonberry Pie.jpg

    Lingonberry Yule Pie from Overhill

    In the northern part of the Shire, lingonberries are quite common at the table. Crushed lingonberries are a grand side dish for venison foods, among others. But we also use them in pies!

    Here is one of my favourite sweet pies that is also easy to make. It is my version of the key lime pie: here, the exotic lime has been replaced with Overhill lingonberries and the bottom crust is made of gingerbread biscuits to make it more Yuleish. I love how the lingonberries balance the sweetness of the pie here. Only the egg yolks are used in the recipe, so you can fry the egg whites for breakfast or make some sweet meringue from them.

    For the bottom crust:
    200 g gingerbread biscuits, crushed
    100 g butter, melted
    2 tbsp sugar

    For the filling:
    1 decilitre lingonberries
    6 egg yolks
    400 g sweetened condensed milk
    1 tbsp vanilla sugar

    For the topping:
    1 dl whipped cream
    1 tsp vanilla sugar

    Preheat oven to 150 °C and grease a springform pan. For the bottom crust, mix the crushed gingerbread biscuits with the melted butter and the sugar in a bowl. Press it into the bottom and the sides of a 24 cm springform pan. Bake crust in the preheated oven for 10 minutes. When the crust has been prebaked, take it from the oven and preheat the oven to 175 °C.

    For the filling, press the juice out from the lingonberries in a cup. In a bowl, whisk the egg yolks and the condensed milk until the mix is light-coloured and foamy. Continue whisking the mix and pour in the crushed lingonberries (along with their juice) and add the vanilla sugar too. Pour the filling over the pie crust evenly. Bake the pie in the oven for 15 minutes until it’s set.

    When the pie has cooled down properly and you have removed it from the pan, you can top it with whipped cream (sweetened with vanilla sugar) and lingonberries. You can also sprinkle some gingerbread biscuit crumbs on top – whatever you like!

    You can also use more lingonberries in the filling, if you like. The pie is really sweet, so it’s good to balance the taste with lingonberries. The pie works with 4 egg yolks too, if someone has been visiting your chicken coop and you don’t have enough eggs.

    This recipe uses metric measures. You can convert them into other measures here.
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    Hooray, the calendar is here! And that pie looks yummy *licks lips and holds up plate*

    Last year, people outside of the Grand Order couldn't add their comments here in this thread, but instead sent us letters saying they enjoyed the calendar. If you would like to leave feedback on the calendar this year, you can use this post over on my biscuity burrow: Celebrating Yule with us Laurelin hobbits.

    We'd love to hear from yer!
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    Our second Yule calendar surprise comes from outside the Order, from Piandao! He has sent us quite a few lovely Yule drawings to share in the calendar. Here is one of them. If you want to see more Middle-earth pictures from this fellow, see what the little birds tweet about him!

    winter (5).jpg
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    It's time for our 3rd Yule calendar surprise! And it's a bit silly this time! Today, a new title shall be bestowed upon you: a Silly Hobbity Yule Name! Choose the day and month of your birthday from the picture below and see if the resulting name makes sense! (Click on the picture to make it larger.)

    Warm regards,
    Lazing Bloodtusk

    What is your hobbity Yule name.jpg
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    Dancing Yule Deer, here!
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    Our 4h Yule surprise comes from Miss Lina. She wants to share a local Yule tradition and some recipes that go along with it! 's a tasty read!


    Risgrøt and riskrem (rice porridge and rice cream)

    One thing's for sure in Norway: Near yule, you need to eat "risgrøt" (rice porridge). Many eat it for lunch on Christmas Eve, but it goes down a treat both before and after too.

    The rice porridge is pretty simple to make. You basically cook medium-grain white rice in milk for about an hour, until the rice is tender and the porridge has thickened, see recipe below.

    Rice porridge ties in with yule for several reasons. First, it is the staple food of the "nisse", the Nordic yule version of garden gnomes, which might make an appearance later on in this calendar.

    Second, while Norwegians eat this porridge all year round, near yule they throw a blanched almond into to the cooking pot. Whoever finds the almond in their bowl during the meal gets an early yule treat, traditionally a huge lump of marzipan shaped as a pig. This inevitably turns the porridge eating into pantomime, with everyone looking mysteriously at each other and acting like they found the almond. More often than not, though, the almond manages to split into pieces equalling the number of children sitting around the table. The pieces find their way into the bowls of said children, which means they won't go away disappointed from the table and cry and fuss a lot. This is obviously a miraculous outcome due to the magic of yule, and it has nothing to do with the cunning knife-work and spooning of porridge of the grown-up who prepares the meal and who would like to enjoy Christmas Eve with some peace and quiet, no no.

    Third, rice porridge is the base ingredient of "riskrem" (rice cream/pudding, similar to the Danish risalamande), one of the more popular puddings for yule. Simple, fluffy, comforting, and oh so very very tasty.
    The recipes below are rather basic/traditional. It is possible to spruce them up a bit too!

    Rice porridge recipe:

    Four servings:

    2 decilitres medium-grain white rice
    4 decilitres water
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 litre whole milk

    Heat the water to boiling, then add the rice and the salt. Allow the rice to simmer on low heat for ca 10 minutes until the water is near absorbed into the rice. Stir regularly.

    Then add the milk little by little, stir and reheat to boiling temperature. Then let the porridge simmer on low heat until suitably thick (ca 45 minutes). Stir frequently, so the milk and rice doesn't burn. Using a thick-bottomed cooking pot helps avoid this burning.

    For serving, scoop porridge into a bowl, sprinkle with sugar and ground cinnamon, and add a spoonful of butter in the middle of the bowl. Enjoy! And watch out for the almond!

    If you want a step-by-step description with lots of pictures, The Country Basket has a nice article on the making of the porridge.

    Rice cream recipe:

    Four servings:
    500 grams rice porridge, cold
    4 tablespoons sugar
    1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
    3 decilitres heavy/whipping cream

    Whip the cream with the sugar until fluffy. Fold porridge into the cream until you get a nice fluffy consistency. Add vanilla sugar to taste.

    Serve with a berry sauce. The Danes love cherry sauce, while us Norwegians often go for strawberry or raspberry based sauces. Sprinkling the cream with almond slices is also very nice.

    For step-by-step instructions, have a look at The Country Basket again!


    Pictures: The Country Basket
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    The 5th Yule calendar surprise is a Yule card from a bunch of hobbits who are about to bring some special Yule cheer to a very abominable snowbeast. Wait, is that a snowbeast...?

    Balrog Yule.jpg

    Warm Hot Yule Greetings to everyhobbit!
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    Today, we reveal a Yule poem from Miss Nonette Shenanigan! If you have been to the Green Dragon on Fridays, you might have seen her uncle Matzo sitting at the back, grumbling about the loud music and all the racket. His nieces Nonette and Mira are merrier though! The picture is from Piandao.

    yule (4).jpg

    Yule comes upon us soon, and Miralith's gone to find a tree!
    Nowt better than that piney scent, to fill us all with Yule glee.
    We've pushed the shelves and chairs aside, cleared a place for it on the floor,
    I hope its tall and wide and grand but still fits through the door!
    We'll dress it with bows and baubles, beset the branches with fireflies;
    And for the top, with elvish luck, we'll coax a star down from the skies.
    But surely such a perfect tree, will take Mira long to find,
    So while I wait for her return, I'll taste the spicy wine.

    (Nonette drinks from a steaming mug of mulled wine. She gives a thumbs up. Delicious!)

    The drink is brewing nicely, but I'm getting dirty looks,
    For my uncle's in the kitchen grumbling loudly while he cooks.
    Any other day ol' Matzo's face could make an onion cry,
    But tonight, although he's moaning, there's a sparkle in his eye,
    He's chopped and mixed and toiled all day, and put it in to bake,
    But tonight he'll get to taste the food he worked so hard to make,
    There's bangers, sprouts and parsnips, and roasted taters I have heard,
    and cranberries, stuffing and chestnuts, and a big ol' roasted bird!
    But it'll be a little while till the grub is ready to eat,
    so I'll grab a mug of ale and to the fire I'll retreat.

    (Nonette drinks deeply from a freshly drawn mug of pumpkin ale, and wobbles a bit.)

    Our hole ish looking purty, everywhere are wreathes of candles,
    Little Chaline's grinnin' wide as she puts stockings on the mantle,
    She and all the other chilluns are now filled with bubbly joy,
    Theysh all been talking day and night 'bout Father Yule's toys,
    Chickweed's shtealing from the biscuits as she sets out Santa's lot,
    Sherry, wine and brandy and a flagon full of scotch.
    A fine Shire selection, I can't decide which one ish best...
    Sho to Father Yule's health, I'll put the lot of 'em to the test!

    (Nonette drinks.)

    Theesh fire shure is burnin' now, and thish room is all a-spin,
    I'll jush shepp outshide to get shom air before the fun beginnsh,
    Jush shufty out into the night where powdersh fallin' fresh,
    Nae more'n two schtep out th' door, I'm flat uppon me arsch,
    I've losh me feskin' sherry glash, mush to me growin' woe,
    An' I hope to the hevvins thish spreddin' wet ish jus' the feskin' sch-snow.
    Wheatberry's out schoppin' logs, an' sees me bruise me flippin' pride,
    An' Mira'sh brawt beck a bleedin' tree! They drag ush bowf inshide.
    Foodsh reddy, treesh up an' theesh cannles shinnin brite,
    Heppy Yoole ta all, and to all a gud ni.....

    (Nonette nods off midsentence, and finishes her poem with a large snore.)

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    For our 7th Yule calendar surprise, we have another Yule pie recipe! This one is called "Pycella's Fast Apple Pie". Simple, tasty and fast to make, this pie is perfect for the Yule table.

    Pycella's Fast Yule Pie

    Apple pie.jpg

    For the crust:
    75 g butter
    1 dl sugar
    1 dl whipped cream
    1 egg
    2.5 dl wheat flour
    1.5 tsp baking powder

    For the filling:
    3 apples, peeled, cored, sliced
    2 tbsp chopped almonds / pine nuts

    For the topping:
    1 egg
    1 dl cream
    0.5 dl sugar
    1 tsp vanilla sugar
    1 tsp cinnamon

    For the crust, melt the butter and let it cool down in a bowl. Mix the baking powder into the wheat flour. Mix sugar, cream, egg and the wheat flour with the melted butter. Press into the bottom and edges of a greased pie pan. Place the apple slices on the pie crust and sprinkle the crushed almonds and/or pine nuts on top. Prebake the apple pie in the oven (200 °C) for 15 minutes.

    For the topping, mix the egg, cream, sugar, vanilla sugar and cinnamon in a bowl and pour the mix over the prebaked pie. Bake the pie for another 15 minutes or until it is baked properly. Serve the warm pie with vanilla sauce or ice cream.
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    For our 8th Yule calendar surprise, I made a drawing of our kin hall pig, Minna. She is Miss Tibba's breeding pig and likes to spend her time in our study, chewing Master Potty's precious scholarly scrolls. She also likes to munch the Yule decorations, when they are up. The mistletoe should be safely out of her reach though. But Master Potty should watch out when he strolls in the hall – he might be in trouble if he meets Minna under the mistletoe!

    Minna under mistletoe2.jpg

    You might see more vicious oinkers, if you come to the village of Oldfurlong today, where B.O.A.T. proudly presents the "Ode to Old Bloodtusk"! There might be some oinker-related violence against bounders. Oh, and some grand music to dance to! Welcome all!
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    Sunday morning coming down, and it's for a Yule tune by Miss Lina! It's an old tune she wrote some years ago, and it is based on a melody that is not from a traditional Yule tune. Here is also another drawing from Piandao.

    yule (6).jpg

    The Hobbit Yuletide Song

    Oh, the days are dark and dusky
    And the northern wind brings news of coming cold
    All the birds have left our land and headed south
    With only crows left in our fold

    But my mood is light and merry and I smile
    I think of happy days ahead
    For the yule is getting closer now
    There are things to do to be prepared

    The plumpest pig in farthings four
    Will be ham and sausage, even bacon
    And I surely need some pails of butter
    For all the baking to be undertaken

    In the cellar rest my kegs
    There’s one with brandy and a large where my ale is brewing
    And oh me shelves are filled with biscuits
    Jars all good and ready for me chewing

    So be welcome lovely yuletide
    Bring light and joy to hobbits here
    We will cherish time together
    We’ll think of friends both far and near

    Let us sing this song together
    A mighty chorus for the yule
    Though the days are dark and dusky
    Our song will chase away the cool

    It is time to clean the burrow
    Bring a broom and chase the dust out of yer comfy home
    Find yer special yuletide clothes and fill the bathing tub
    Splash around in soaking foam

    Light the candles, pour some wine
    Then call yer loved-ones in and soon they are beside yer
    And yer mood is light and lovely
    Like the song of spring-time warblers fly through the air

    So be welcome lovely yuletide
    Bring light and joy to hobbits here
    We will cherish time together
    We’ll think of friends both far and near

    Let us sing this song together
    A mighty chorus for the yule
    Though the days are dark and dusky
    Our song will chase away the cool

    The tune is based in this song here:

    Johnny Cash – Sunday Morning Coming Down
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    Our 10th hobbity Yule surprise is a chilling tale! Storywise, it might be more fitting for the Fall festival than Yule, but 's a winter tale after all! A good way to say good bye to the Fall festival (encore). Once again, this picture is by Piandao!

    winter (4).jpg

    A chilling winter tale

    Here is a tale I told at the Green Dragon Friday on 19th January 2018, with a few amendments!

    This happened when I still was a small lass, during winter. I was travelling with my pa who wanted to visit his relatives in Staddle, near Bree-town. I liked travelling and visiting other places, but the relatives… They were the dullest ever! They could sip their teas for HOURS, sharing gossip and all that useless stuff with me pa. Then, they gave a virtually endless tour at their tater fields, showing them of… And the debates of imaginary fish catches and hunting trips… Blah! That’s no entertainment for a lass like me! I wanted to hear tales about dragons, go adventuring in the scary Bree-town, play all sorts of fun games… However, the adults were not up for somet like that at all!

    But this visit was a bit different. It was a cold winter, and as we arrived in Staddle with my pa, it had snowed, and a lot! I could go and plunge into the snow, while the adults were inside, drowning themselves in dullness. I made snowhobbits, snowburrows, mazes, everything I could think of. But after a while, it started to feel a bit dull as well - it was no fun to play in the snow alone… if I only had some company…

    And then, as if by magic, I saw someone approach me. It was a young hobbit lad, fully dressed in winter clothes, smiling widely. “Nice work here!” he said, looking at my snowy creations. “Would you still have time and energy for a snowball battle?” The boy’s clothes were a bit messy and worn-out, but his face looked friendly. He gazed at me with his coal-black eyes eagerly. “Of course!” I said, and so I started a fierce snowball battle with the boy.

    It was fun, but after we hit my relatives’ burrow window a few times with snowballs and had to dodge some scolding from inside, we decided to go somewhere else to play. The boy said he lived there nearby, and he knew a place that was very good for snowball fights. We went to the edge of a forest where we found lots of virginal snow, just for us two! My woolly mittens were getting sogged, but the boy lent me his. He didn’t seem to mind the cold at all.

    It was getting dark and foggy, but it only made the snowball duel more challenging. We chased each other and moved a bit further from the forest. At one point, I had hit the boy with a rain of snowballs, and he was gathering himself for a revenge. “Catch me if you can!” I shouted and was about to run away into the fog that was suddenly getting thicker, when I sensed something strange… I looked back at the boy. He had stopped dead in his tracks. Only now I realized that his face was paler than any face I’d ever seen. No breath was coming out from his mouth, even though it was very cold… “I can’t go any further,” the boy said calmly. “You shouldn’t too.” “Why, what is it?” I asked, but then, the fog got thicker and I couldn’t see anything.

    After a moment, the fog disappeared, as fast as it had appeared… and the boy was gone. I looked around. As the fog went away, I could see more clearly… and I startled! I realized that I was standing on the edge of a frozen pond. Had I gone any further, the thin surface could have given away.

    I shivered and looked where the boy had gone. I followed his footprints to a burrow that was quite near to my relatives’ home. I still had to return the mittens the boy had given me, and I knocked on the door. An old lady emerged and smiled at me. “What is it, lass?”
    “I wanted to return these. Your boy lent them to me.”
    “Oh that’s sweet, dear,” the old lady said.
    “Just bring them back to him, he's there in the back yard.”
    And I went there… but there was only a single snowhobbit there… But it had the very same clothes that the boy had had, just a while ago! And eyes, black as coal, a pale face... I shook my head, put the mittens in the snowhobbit’s hands and went back to the old lady.

    “That is... a wonderful snowhobbit down there. But where is the boy?” I asked.
    The old lady smiled. “No one can answer that, dear. He has been away for decades.”
    “Decades! But I just threw snowballs at him…”
    “No, that wasn’t my son, dear, you are mistaken,” the old lady said.
    “My boy fought his last snowball battle on the frozen pond many years ago,” the old lady sighed.
    “We never found him… only a hole in the ice.”
    I have never shivered so much. Had I been playing with a ghost?
    “But at least I can have him as a snowhobbit here with me,” the old lady said and smiled.
    “He really enjoyed the snow. I think he would enjoy to play with someone…”

    I have never run faster to my relatives’ burrow. Suddenly, all that dull gossip beside a safe dinner table seemed very appealing to me! I never met that boy again… And sometimes, some snowhobbits give me goose bumps.

    The end.
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    For our 11th Yule calendar surprise, we have a selection of Yule drawings by Piandao from Winterhome! Still one week to go before this lovely Yuleish place opens up its gates to all.

    winter (2).jpg
    A tall couple getting warm by the fire

    yule (10).jpg
    A lass peeking out from the bushes... Maybe she's getting ready to set off some fireworks?

    winter (3).jpg
    I know, this is not THAT kind of a calendar, but look at that... um, beard!
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