The Little Hobbits Long Lost Poem Of Little Lost Mathoms

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  1. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Mathoms do not always have to be actual physical items. They can also be things like song, and tales, that are passed down from generation to generation purely by word of mouth, until all remembrance of their origin is lost.

    Of course, this means Poems can be mathoms too. I was sent his poem on a scrap of paper the other day; the sender was not marked, but it is worthy of reaching a wider audience

    The Little Hobbits Long Lost Poem of Little Lost Mathoms

    Shining silver in the ground,
    waiting, yearning to be found.
    A hidden Mathom shining bright,
    glistening in the pale moonlight

    A silver spoon or lost earring,
    lying in the dirt with no one caring.
    A lost Mathom is very sad,
    but I have found it and now it's glad.

    Cleaned and scrubbed it's like new,
    maybe it belonged to you?
    Lost Mathom is lost no more,
    lost Mathom returned to your front door.

    From my hiding place I can see,
    happy faces full of glee.
    Mathoms are now back where they belong,
    to leave them lost would just be wrong.
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  2. Akelay Member

    Is that the first poem mathom we ever got? It is lovely! A mathom poem mathom actually! *cheers*
  3. Rubellita Member

    Yay! I think all Master Simbo's poems are worth keeping and cherishing, like mathoms.
  4. Akelay Member

    For sure, and not only Master Simbo's poems!
    Did this one have a pink ribbon around it, Master Simbo?
  5. Lina Chief

    A lovely poem there - I wonder who wrote it! It is a strange thing, and no mistake, all them parcels that show up wrapped in pink ribbons these days. Both sausages and chalk recently, if I recall correctly!

    Then there was this shy lass who knocked on our door a month or two back and brought us a quite old mathom as well. Curious times indeed! No wonder them locals are gossiping about it!
  6. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    I got pork! *cheers happily* And a ball of twine, which Anerra could use. And Akelay got some fine cloth, which she has given to me. I think there's enough for a fine dress. so hooray for whoever sent these things!
  7. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    You know, I also received a small handful of fertiliser for my flowers in the fast post the other day (Hopefully some that makes flowers grow, but repels pony).

    Certainly we could try and investigate the source of all these mathoms, as it is quite a mystery!
  8. Nimelia Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Myself, I got me a Bounder's club - Yay! and an egg. The egg was probably laid by Nimelia the hen at Yllisa's, a rarity since she's complaining all the time how laying eggs is basically homework, and he Bounder's club was probably because a Bounder's rock (of the right size to hide behind) was too heavy for the Quickpost?
    However it is, thanks to the stranger sending these things! *cheers*
  9. Akelay Member

    Oh, Yllisa has a chicken called Nimelia? *giggles* I have a Clara and a May. *giggles some more*
  10. Spriggy Member

    What a precious little Mathom-poem this is... Shall we send this mysterious gift-giver and lover of pink ribbons some gifts in return?
    *rummages through her chests to see what would make a nice gift for Miss Dema*
  11. Yusra Member

    Aye she does!
    Nimelia, Nannie, Nonette, Neeltje, Nikki and.. erm, six chickens right? I think the last one is called Neeltje.
  12. Yusra Member

    I mean the last one is called Neppa! She does not have two Neeltjes...

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