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  1. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    I couldn't decide to write a poem or a tale, so in the end I wrote a poem about tales!

    The Poem of Tales

    Let me tell you some tales in a rhyme
    It may keep you amused for a while
    Just forget any tears you've shed
    For life is best faced with a smile
    There are places so full of such wonder
    All their tales are still there to be told

    There's a tale of a wandering hobbit
    Who lived in a comfortable hole
    But adventure came calling one Sunday
    So out of the bounds he did go
    It's said he went searching for dragons
    And returned with a chest full of gold

    And a tale from a time in the past
    When some goblins charged into the Shire
    But one hobbit stood out at the front
    On a pony he rode through the fires
    With a swing of his mighty oak club
    The goblins were defeated that day

    And even from longer before
    Two fine hobbits set off from East
    They trekked through the wildest of lands
    Whilst fighting off so many a beast
    At last they reached a wondrous land
    And decided there that they would stay

    But these stories would not have been told
    If these hobbits had stayed in their holes
    But instead they looked out their windows
    And saw there were more things to know
    The didn't just want to read tales
    They yearned for adventures to lead

    So don't listen to stories of mine
    It's best to have one of your own
    Don't be afraid of what lies out of doors
    For adventures await for the bold
    In a tale of your very own making
    Let us poets all sing of your deeds
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  2. Pycella Member

    It is a grand poem Master Simbo! *cheers* So many tales bound into one single poem.
  3. Rubysue Member

    Quite marvelous indeed! Well done, Simbo!

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