The Songburrow Strollers Return To Slighting

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    There had been much anticipation and talk that the Songburrow Strollers would return to the village of Slighting, the venue for their first ever concert. The exact date was the cause of much speculation but eventually most people agreed that it would be held on Sunday 19 August.

    On the day of the concert several covered carts arrived at the party tree, lanterns were placed high in the branches and all manner of green coloured bunting and paper chains decorated the main square and the gate to Slighting.

    There was no mistake the Songburrow Strollers would be playing. Guests arrived early, some even having slept beneath the tree to ensure they had the best vantage point for the coming concert. Tables of food had been generously provided by the local residents and even by hobbit standards nothing much had been left out – pies of all kinds, stuffed cabbages, roasted potatoes and sausages, flagons of blueberry ale, tankards of Southfarthing's Best to name but a few.

    At the exact stroke of 8 o'clock the green-clad Songburrow Strollers appeared from behind the party tree and proceeded to hop up onto one of the tables. This caused great amusement and when the laughter and cries had died down Rowana addressed the audience with a short speech.

    The assembled crowd moved close in anticipation and one or two of the merrier folk already begun dancing as the Strollers opened with their first song 'The Strollers Waltz'. The band had prepared a special set of songs for the evening with a selection from their earliest days playing together as a band. One or two had even been re-worked just for the occasion and even the long standing band members had reason to celebrate as this was going to be a night to remember!

    The much loved Thornely's Barn was a firm favourite and as the dancing got wilder, the Bandmaster Simbo Rumblebelly announced they would play 'The Brandy Keg'. A flurry of toasts, good wishes and more than a little good humour and spilled ale greeted the Strollers as they launched into a most energetic rendition of this much loved song. It was clear the band were on good form and had been working hard since their success as Weatherstock. Miss Sevelda's obvious enthusiasm and Miss Lina's energetic and forthright singing ensured the assembled hobbits had little pause for rest and no cause for complaint.

    The night rolled on at a frantic pace, and the Strollers didn't pause. Instead they brought forth members of the Grand Order Dance Troupe who lined up before the tables and led the hobbits in a vigorous dance of nimble steps and high jumping steps that had many a hobbit in a twist. But the Strollers were not about to end the night early – they had devised a set of more than 20 songs and few if any present could remember such a repertoire.

    The band began to play with a renewed tempo calling forth two surprise guests to join them - Miss Daysi and Miss Tibba. Both looked resplendent in Stroller green robes with matching hats and they brought a depth and fullness of sound to the Strollers already lively playing. It was clear the party would not end before dawn as Lina launched into 'A Sheepdog known as Ruff'. The hobbits could not contain themselves and whirled about and sang at the top of their voices so much so that most of the neighborhood came to see what all the commotion was about.

    As the sun came up over Slighting village fireworks erupted from behind the tables and the party tree itself. Many had been cunningly hidden and it was an unwary hobbit that found himself too close to a colourful rocket or snapdragon. The Strollers didn't stop for one moment and despite the noise their music could be clearly heard among the whizzes, bangs and chatter of the crowd.

    After their traditional rendition of 'Home Sweet Home' the band pulled out another surprise – a reworking of their very first song of the evening 'The Strollers Waltz". At the finale the band members themselves lit a final cascade of green fireworks and thanked the hobbits and dwarves that had traveled to hear them play. This night would not soon be forgotten and it was clear that the Songburrow Strollers would have to prepare something even grander next time they returned to Slighting... or anywhere else for that matter.


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  2. Lina Chief

    Yay! Good times! Thank yer all for coming!
  3. Lina Chief

    Oh, and the Grand Strollers Song from last night is now up on the burrow (as well as added to the Songbook on this forum).
  4. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Good times indeed! It was again a lovely concert, thank you Strollers!

  5. Akelay Member

    Too bad I missed this! And Miss Daysi and Miss Tibba in Strollers Green, too! STROOOOOOOLLERS!

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