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    This tale was told at Summer Tales in the Shire event, hosted by Nannie. It is only the second story I have ever wrote! (The first being The Journey of Jonty, and even that wasn't wholly an original story!)

    The Tale of the Odd Hobbit

    Once upon a time there was a hobbit called Bobberry.
    Bobberry Oddtoes, to be precise.
    Or to be more precise, he was of the family Hardtoes
    But he was always considered a bit odd, and so folk called him Oddtoes instead

    He lived on the edge of Bindbole wood, away from other hobbits
    Which suited the hobbits in Overhill fine
    As Bobbery seemed to like running through the woods
    Making strange hooting noses, shouting "I'm an oliphant!"

    Now, one day, Bobbery came down into Overhill
    He went to the timber yard and asked to buy lots of wood
    When asked why he wanted so much wood, Bobbery said he wanted to make a new house
    But not just any house
    He said he wanted to make it in the shape of a large oliphant!
    The timber workers all raised an eye at this
    But Bobbery had the coin, and so they provided the wood he needed

    And for the next few weeks, the sound of hammering and sawing could be heard
    Folk in Overhill were unsure what to expect
    One day, they woke up, and above the line of trees, they could see a figure
    And indeed it was wooden oliphant
    On top of which was Bobbery standing, making funny noises, and doing a dance

    Folk decided to stay even further away from Bobbery then
    And little children were scared to go play near his home
    For fear the oliphant would come to life and swallow them up!

    Now this was in Autumn, and it just so happened it was a particular wet Autumn
    The clouds were grey in the sky all day
    There were claps of thunders, flashes of lightening
    And the rain fell heavy day and night for all of the week

    It was so heavy in fact, the rivers burst their banks
    Now, this was problem in Overhill which is nestled in a valley
    The waters roses, and started flooding the valley
    The Overhill shirriff gathered folk together
    "We must find high-ground! But it must be sheltered from the rain too"

    It was at that moment, they heard a strange hooting in the woods
    It was Bobbery, wading through the water, waving his hands
    As he approached, he stopped his babbling and started talking properly instead

    "Folks", he said, "Don't fear! Come to my home"
    "The oliphant house is high off the ground"
    "The feet may be in water, but the body is high up"
    "You will be dry there until the rains past"

    Reluctantly, with little else to choose from, most of the folk followed Bobbery to his home
    The climbed the ladders in the oliphants legs to the main home the body
    It was abit cramped, but the squeezed in, and sheltered for the rest of the day

    The next day, the storm had passed, and the waters eased
    The folk returned to their burrow to clean up
    But they didn't forget the kindness that Bobbery had shown
    And little children were no longer scared to play there
    Indeed, Bobbery would let them climb on the Oliphant and slide down the trunk

    And that is when folk realised there is nothing wrong with being a bit odd
    For being odd is not the same thing as being unpleasant
    And so Bobbery lived oddly ever after!

    The End!
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