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    ((OOC: I never found a good timeline of important events for hobbits, so I started one of my own. Please let me know of errors, and please suggest additions and changes!

    It follows the following format:
    • Third age year (Year by Shire reckoning)
      Event description
    Hope it is of use!))

    *dips a quill into a bottle of ink and starts writing a timeline of events of hobbit interest*

    Pre-Shire years
    • Pre 1050 (-): The Anduin Years
      Hobbits live in the Valley of Anduin, between Mirkwood and the Misty Mountains
    • ca 1050 (-): Harfoots
      Hobbits of Harfoot descent cross west over the Misty Mountains and settle in Eriador (possibly because of Sauron’s growing power in Mirkwood)
    • ca 1150 (-): Fallohides
      Hobbits of Fallohide descent also cross the Misty Mountains, settling in Eriador.
    • ca 1150 (-): Stoors
      Hobbits of Stoor descent start crossing west across the Misty Mountains, and continue to do so for the next century. Most settle in or near Enedwaith.
    • ca 1300 (-): Bree-lands
      Angmar starts to threathen Eriador. Most hobbits settle in and around Bree, although some Stoors flee south to Dunland, and some even return to the Valley of Anduin.
    Early Shire years
    • 1601 (1 SR): The Founding of the Shire
      Marcho and Blanco gain permission from the King of Arnor to settle a fertile land west of the Brandywine, later called the Shire. Hobbits in the Shire are formally the King's subjects.
    • ca 1630 (30 SR): The Shire population grows
      Most hobbits west of the mountains have moved to the Shire, although there is still a sizeable population in and near Bree
    • 1636 (36 SR): The Great Plague
      A terrible pestilence
      spreads from the East and reaches Osgiliath this year. The sickness eventually reaches the Shire too. The effects of the plague are felt for the following two centuries.
    • 1974 (374 SR): Arnor falls
      The Witch-King of Angmar conquers Fornost, the northern kingdom falls.
    • 1975 (375 SR): Battle of Fornost
      An army from Gondor defeats the Witch-king of Angmar in the Battle of Fornost. A company of hobbit archers are said to participate in the battle, but history shows no records of them. They are said never to return to the Shire
    • 1979 (379 SR): The first Thain
      The first hobbit Thain is chosen: Bucca of the Marish, from the Oldbucks family. The thainship was set up because the hobbits had no ruler after the fall of Arnor.
    • 2340 (740 SR): The colonization of Buckland
      Gorthendad Brandybuck
      , the 12th Thain, leaves the Shire and colonizes Buckland. The Thainship passes to the Tooks, with Isumbras Took being the first Thain of the Took line.
    • ca 2463 (ca 863 SR): Gollum
      Sméagol, of Stoorish descent and living near the Gladden Fields, kills his cousin to claim a ring found in the Anduin River. He later flees into the Misty Mountains and takes the name Gollum.
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    Later Shire years
    • ca 2670 (1070 SR): The growing of pipeweed
      Tobold Hornblower starts growing pipeweed in Longbottom.
    • 2747 (1147 SR): The Battle of Greenfields
      A band of goblins invades Northfarthing. Bandobras “Bullroarer” Took defeats the invaders in the
      Battle of Greenfields.
    • 2758 (1158 SR): The Days of Dearth
      The Long Winter
      , an extremely long, cold winter, starts. The following year, a dreadful famine lead many hobbits to starve to death during the Days of Dearth. The wizard Gandalf comes to the aid of hobbits and first becomes fond of them and their affairs.
    • 2890 (1290 SR): Bilbo
      Bilbo Baggins is born on September 22nd
    • 2911 (1311 SR): The Fell Winter
      The Fell Winter. Wolves cross the ice of the frozen Brandywine River, food shortages. Gandalf and the Rangers of the North provide food for the hobbits.
    • 2920 (1320 SR): The Old Took
      Thain Gerontius Took, "The Old Took", dies 130 years old.
    • 2941 (1341 SR): Battle of the Five Armies
      Bilbo Baggins goes on adventure with Gandalf and twelve dwarves. He participates in the Battle of the Five Armies
    • 2942 (1342 SR): Bilbo returns
      Bilbo Baggins returns to the Shire
    • 2968 (1368 SR): Frodo
      Frodo Baggins is born on September 22nd
    • 2982 (1382 SR): Merry
      Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck is born
    • 2989 (1389 SR): Bilbo and Frodo
      Frodo Baggins comes under the guardianship of Bilbo, after his parents drown in a boating accident.
    • 2990 (1390 SR): Pippin
      Peregrin “Pippin” Took is born
    • 3001 (1401 SR): The 111th birthday
      The 111th birthday party of Bilbo Baggins, who leaves the Shire. Frodo moves into Bag End
    • 3013 (1413 SR): Will Whitfoot
      Will “Old Flourdumpling” Whitfoot elected as Mayor of Michel Delving during the Free Fair
    • 3015 (1415 SR): Paladin Took II
      Paladin Took II becomes the 31st Thain
    • 3018 (1418 SR): Frodo leaves
      The events in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) start, Frodo leaves the Shire
    • 3019 (1419 SR): Today
      Current events in LOTRO (Rohan expansion)
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