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    [1] An (in-character) Introduction

    Oh gracious me, I hate writing about meself so I do... I never was very good with all this written stuffs anyways, Will allus had to help me with the book learnings but oh bless me, you should see the lad when him's trying to do stuff that's practical like. Oh my he makes right tater-headed fool of himself when it comes to anything like helping Ma clear out the shrews from the apple stores or helping Pa to chop wood for the fire. Allus got his head in a book or his hands on his lute has that Will. Oh hark at me ramblin' on about Will when I was s'posed to be written about meself! See, I told you, not so good with this here writing. I do envy that Mister Rumblebelly and his poems and piems... I could never be writing anything like them. I likes to think of things but they always sounds very... well.... not very tidy-like. Anyway, I'll do me best and here goes!

    So, I s'pose I should start by telling yous all me name... I'm Tuila, though Will sometimes calls me Chewy (altho' never twice in a hurry...). I s'pect that passes for wit with him, you never can quite tell, he gets these odd ideas from all them books he reads! Anyway, so I'm Tuila, and I growed up with Will in Waymeet. Him used to almost live in our little caravan sometimes when his Ma and Pa were off travelling to sell their stuff in Michel Delving or over Hobbiton way. It worked out pretty good mostly, what with him being good at all this writing malarky and liking to make music that kept things cheerful when the evenings got long and dark, and me being much better at them practical sorts of stuff like cooking and growing food and chasing the shrews out of the apple pile and away from the taters we got ready for winter and all.

    Now Will and I, we decided we wanted to see a bit of the Shire, what with being in our mid-tweens now and all. If we don't see a bit afore we settle, maybe we won't never get the chance, that's what I telled him, and he agreed asides from him wantin' to travel himself and find out some more tunes for his endless lute strumming. Now some tunes I don't mind if they be good for dancin' and nice and cheerful, but oh gracious me some of that Bigger muck he did pick up when we was in that there Bree place... that fairly makes me wish my ears were made of wood so it does! Will and me... tis complicated. See we are like brother and sister so we are... most of the time that was... but now we's getting growed up things is not quite so simple. I.... If i be honest, and don't none of you go be telling this to WIll now you hear! But if I could have my choosing I think I be choosing to live with Will... I be so used to it, growing up aside of him and it's comfortable, we rubs along well together and him growed up into such a nice, well mannered and handsome hobbit it fairly makes me tremble sometimes when I sees him talking to pretty lasses like that Miss Lina with her pretty dress and yellow hair. Will likes well enough running around with me, and I chase away the things he attracts with his caterwauling and lute twanging and we do our tricks and mischief sometimes when a pie do look too tasty to leave alone, we even sometimes still plays our games where I be the warrior and he be my bard and we play at Golfimbul and the Battle of the Greenfields like we did learn in History lessons when we be little. But I doesn't know if I'll ever be more to WIll than his little sister and... Like I said, tis getting awful complicated!

    I should probably finish now, my knife arm is achin' from all this writin' and I has to go soon and make some supper and make sure the fire be banked up well for overnight and... Not to mention there's the porridge to set for breakfast tomorrow and then I got to go over to the fields and check on the barley or there won't be no flour, and without flour there won't be no pie-crusts and then there won't be pie and that would be a tragedy even Will couldn't make too much of a song and dance over I tell 'ee! It's a busy old life, you can see why Will and me sometimes we likes to take a day or 2 and go walkin' and ridin' over the hills and have ourselves a little adventure when the ponies aren't needed to pull the wagons and we can take a little break. Not that we'd ever venture out of bounds much, not past that there Bree place anyways. T'wouldn't be respectable although I had to admit I gets curious sometimes so I does. Ahh well...

    [2] RP Experience

    Some, mostly at the hobbit markets and Green Dragon Fridays. Will and I also engaged in some RP when we were levelling up my captain and his hunter together but we didn't really find a human RP scene that appealed to us, one night in the Prancing Pony was enough with the fights, stabbings, ahem *goings on* and suchlike! I have also previously engaged in RP in other games specially the Everquests (1 and 2) and in RIFT.

    [3] LOTRO Experience

    I have raided most of the endgame content at some point with my captain (RoI) or previously to that with my (now abandoned) characters on Snowbourne before I gave up real raiding to come to Laurelin and RP/relax due to a more demanding RL schedule with less consistency in my availabilty to play.

    [4] Character

    Race : Hobbit
    Class : Guardian
    Level : 20 and rising
    Profession : Farmer/Cook

    Tuila is currently my most played character. I have a captain also but she is very rarely played nowadays due to a lack of time and interest in the human RP scene.

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