Uprooted Scarecrow

Discussion in 'Rumours & Gossip' started by Lothilia, Jan 25, 2010.

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    This is my friend Bungo's artistic (quite good ain't 'e ?) impression of the absconding Scarecrow. He absconded with almost a dozen apples which did belong to one Mr Bridlehoof, a farmer north west of the Bywater Bridge.

    ''I saw im! aaann e' were dancin' a jig like, makin orf with a few apples '' said Bungo.
    ''Not as nimble as yer may av' first thought fer a Scarecrow mind, e' did 'is back in clamberin over that fence''.

    Be on the look out my fellow's of The Order! A Scarecrow has indeed been reported missing in one of the fields near Tuckborough, and now it looks as though he is stealin' apples!

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