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  1. Lina Chief


    My name is Vadelma. Some of you have already met me at yer market and other events. I write this letter ter you ter first of all thank you fer the wonderful pies, ale and of course the music.

    I am of the notable family of Daisypetals, florists residing in Daisyglen. My Ma and Pa have always been proud of me and my musical skills. When I was young, I picked up on the clarinet very quickly, as well as the horn. A skilled Minstrel of Daisyglen I became. Music is the best thing that could exist, in my opinion! Second, of course, comes food.

    One time, I was asked ter venture ter Bree ter drop off a bouquet and some low-life brigands ambushed me.

    Luckily enough, my music with my horn demoralized the brigands so much, they swore not ter ambush young hobbits ever again. I felt sorry fer the brigands and asked them to accompany me. I asked around Bree fer anything the men could do ter make some honest coin. I left Bree soon after, as the Big Folk intimidated me. They were, well, ter big fer decent hobbits like the Daisypetals.

    Finally at home, I decided it was time fer some revelry. Here I met Miss Lina, Miss Tibba, Miss Nimelia and Master Simbo. I had been unaware of the market until that day. They were all very friendly and I was in awe. The music they performed there was just grand! I still remember the melody of the Grand Food Song very well. I heard they were all in the same kinship and I thought this is the kinship I would like to join. A kinship of friendly hobbits who enjoy what is most important: Food, drink, music and of course friendship.

    With this in mind I decided ter apply ter join the Order. It would be an honour ter be able ter seek the Lost Mathom with such marvellous hobbits. I hope you have the time ter consider my application. Even if not, I thank you all fer happy memories.

    Vadelma Daisypetal
  2. Lina Chief

    A warm welcome to The Order, miss Vadelma! Grand ter have yer with us!
  3. Yusra Member

    Hooray! Welcome!
  4. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    I was unable to attend the tea but I do look forward to meeting you very soon. A very warm welcome to the Grand Order!

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