Weatherstock 5, Saturday 20 July

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Weatherstock 5

Forsaken Inn + Weathhertop, Lone Lands, Landroval Server
Confirmed Attendees: 5
Start Date: Saturday 20 July 17:00 PM
End Date: Saturday 20 July 23:00 PM
Time zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST
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  1. Lina Chief

    The fifth Weatherstock concert is arranged on Saturday, on the Landroval Server. Many Laurelin bands will participate, including the Songburrow Strollers. Come dance the night away with us!


    This thread will be updated with new and useful information if necessary! Topics covered are:
    1. What is Weatherstock
    2. Weatherstock Schedule
    3. Prizes
    4. How to participate + chat channels
    5. Weatherstock Survival Hints and Tips
    6. Live Streaming
    7. More information
    8. The Strollers at Weatherstock
    9. Songburrow Strollers Weatherstock teaser videos
    10. Weatherstock in-game title this year
    1 What the biscuit is Weatherstock?

    Weatherstock is a massive event held on the Landroval server each summer, hosted by the kinship The Lonely Mountain Band. Here, bands from all over the LOTRO servers meet to perform in a jolly, friendly competition up on Weathertop. The concert draws large crowds, and it is not uncommon to see 500 players roaming around up there during the show. The ensuing chaos and fun is something you have to see to believe. Loud, lively and unforgettable.

    This year's show is the fifth one, and the main concert is held Saturday July 20th. 11 bands have entered the competition. In addition to the Strollers, the Grand Order also has musicians performing with The Chosen Few.

    2 Schedule

    All times given in servertime. For UK/London times, add 5 hours. Please note that the times are tentative - there is no telling what can happen when so many players meet up, so delays and schedule changes are likely.


    Note that there is a meetup at the Forsaken Inn in Lone Lands from 5PM UK time. At 6PM UK time, all the gathered folks march/ride towards Weathertop in a process that will likely be a lag fest of epic dimensions, but still grand fun! Once the process has reached Weathertop and the dust has settled, the concert starts proper. And the Strollers will be the first band to perform in this years competition, tentatively at 6:50PM UK time.

    3 Prizes

    There are three prize categories for the 11 bands:
    • Light in the Dark. After each band has finished their set, the event host will ask yer to raise hope tokens to "vote" fer that band, if yer liked their performance. The prize is given to the band that gathers the most hope tokens raised after their performance (remember, don't raise yer token before the event host tells yer to).
      Also note, yer need to be level 15 to raise a token. Yer can get such hope tokens for free from yellow-clad crew wandering around the concert area.
    • Free People's Choice. This is awarded at the end of the show, when all 11 bands enter the Battle of the Bands. All bands are spread around on Weathertop and play at the same time, while the audience go to the band they want to win. The band with the biggest crowd wins.
    • Lonely Mountain Cup. This prize is awarded to the band judged winner by the organizers, the Lonely Mountain Band
    4 How to participate

    Want to check out Weatherstock for yourself? Grand! While it is not possible to sign up to play music anymore, it is grand fun being in the audience as well! Joining is easy, just roll up a character on the Landroval server, and be ready to join the fun! Perhaps even try make it a Landroval copy of your Laurelin one, so we recognize who yer are!

    You don't have to be high-level to come to Weatherstock. The organizers run an excellent security service, escorting low-levels to Weathertop and killing off any monsters in the area.

    However, it is recommended that you try level your character to at least 15 before headed to Weatherstock. While you certainly can go there at lower levels too, being level 15 enables you to raise hope tokens and participate in the audience voting for the Light in the Dark prize, see below.

    Chat channels used during Weatherstock:
    • /LFF - Security and transportation channel
    • /trade - Vending
    • /advice - helpdesk/Freakout zone channel
    • /weatherstock - General Public
    • /rpc - song lyrics channel (so be sure to join it to see the songs lyrics used by the bands)
    To join a channel, type /joinchannel channelname. The RP (roleplay) channel used for song lyrics is not enabled by default – right click on the chat tab name and select filters – then you can tick RP to show the channel.

    5 Weatherstock survival hints and tips

    First of all, here is more information about the different crews the organizers run to help arrange the event: Security team, Vending team (who has the hope tokens), Freak Out zone team (for advice), and the Stage team. Them are all very helpful if yer have questions or need help.

    All song lyrics this year will be peformed in the roleplaying (RPC) channel (not regional, as it was before). So be sure yer have enabled it, see section 4 above. Some will also perform their lyrics in /say.

    When hundreds of people gather, lag is inevitable, and the game will be taxing for most game systems. Keeping track of messages and chats is also a challenge. So here is how yer can cope with that:

    Graphics and animations
    • Knock down yer graphics settings to the lowest possible. All way down there, that'll stop yer graphics card from overheating and yer client from lagging too much. Reduce yer resolution too. It will lag anyway, but once the crowd has reached Weathertop and don't move around too much, it will settle down.
    • Don't wear hats/cloaks when on Weathertop. More movement/animations means more lag. Also try reduce moving around to a minimum.
    • Don use emotes with animations (especially forced ones that make all people nearby start moving), don't start campfires, don't set off fireworks etc.
    • Sit still when near the "stage". Dancing should only happen in designated dance areas.
    • Turn off forced emotes under options -> social. The "Enable involuntary emote" setting has to be off
    • If it all gets too taxing, especially at the start, look away from the crowd. Look straight into the ground or straight up into the sky for a while usually helps. It is boring as heck, but there will be little movement to introduce lag.
    • Ensure you have enabled the chat channels you want, see list above
    • Disable emote texts, so yer chat window don't rack up with messages of 500 people clapping after each performance.
    • Consider setting up dedicated chat windows for the most important chat channels.
    • Turn off combat sounds (the security crew kills crows every so often)
    • Relax and enjoy yerself!
    6 Live streaming

    If yer fear yer PC won't be able to cope with Weatherstock, don't despair! There are two live streams planned, so yer can get a flavour of it anyways!


    7 More information
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  2. Lina Chief

    8 The Strollers at Weatherstock

    The Strollers first visited Weatherstock in 2011, in a harrowing experience for three hobbit lasses who headed over there. In the end, we had a lot of fun and ran away with one of the prizes, after a tie with the Green Hill Music Society for the Light in the Dark prize.

    Naturally, we had to return in 2012. Once again, we narrowly managed to get a prize, this time the Lonely Mountain Cup, after some intense voting!

    The Strollers during Weatherstock 2012, with Lully helping us out!

    This year? The competition promises to be harder than ever, but we'll be back to do our usual stuff. Merry hobbit music, likely involving a lot of food! Come bounce the night away with us!

    Yer can see more impressions from the Strollers earlier Weatherstock adventures right here!

    9 Strollers Weatherstock teaser videos

    The last two years, the Strollers have made teaser videos before Weatherstock. Here them all are, both the ones from this year and the ones from last!

    2013 videos

    Main video

    Quotes video 1

    Quotes video 2
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  3. Lina Chief

    2012 videos

    Biscuit teaser

    Dancing teaser

    Bouncing teaser

    10 Weatherstock Title

    Participants this year may get themselves an in-game title, apparently!

    All attendees may be eligible for a title! "Weatherstock Wayfarer"! to be sure to be eligible, while at the event when it is the announced time follow instructions from the Master of Ceremonies.
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  4. Lina Chief

  5. Spriggy Member

    *cheers loudly for livestreams*
  6. Lina Chief

  7. Rubellita Member

    I wish everyone attending and playing at Weatherstock a wonderful time!
    Sadly I cannot come to the Strollers performance, but after work I'll log on and see if any of you are still there.
    Best of luck, Strollers! Great fun, everyone!
  8. Lully Member

    Good luck Strollers! Last minute ((RL)) shenanigans means I can't come now.. I am more than a bit blimmin upset at that! Good luck again!
  9. Lina Chief

    Shame yer couldn't make it, Lully! We could have used yer vote in the end! *grins*

    A massive event once again, and lots of fun! They say some 700 players were on the top when the crowds were at the biggest, which is a new record and then some.

    The procession started at 6PM UK (warmup show an hour earlier), and it didn't finish on Weathertop until way past midnight. Throw in travels and afterparties, and you're looking at more than eight hours for some.

    No prize for the Strollers this year, although we finished second in the Battle of the Bands, after a massive server wobble led to an exciting straw poll vote. We were neck and neck with Die Meisterbarden von Bree for a while, but them got the necessary votes to win in the end, so congratulations! Also congratulations to The Shades (Light in the Dark prize) and Andunie (Lonely Mountain Band Cup)! So once again a very strong Laurelin showing.

    Speaking of Laurelin, a special thank you to all our friends who stayed up all night and enjoyed the event with us - it was grand to have yer all there!

    I am sure there will be lots of reports, videos, images and so on coming up the next days, and them will be added here when we see them. For now: Yay Weatherstock! And grand that it is a year until the next one! *giggles*
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  10. Spriggy Member

    Watched the Strollers' performance on the live stream. It was fabulous! #Plunder the biscuit jar# Easily a new favourite song!

    A bucketload of respect to the Lonely Mountain Band for organising a thing like this!
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  11. Lina Chief

    Indeed, them organizers in the Lonely Mountain Band do a truly epic job of hosting the event! *cheers*

    Now yer can see the Strollers performance too! The video below is from the first part of the concert. Fast forward to about 1 hour 22 minutes, and you get the Strollers set:
    1. Catfish Action
    2. Drink the Shire Dry
    3. Plunder the Biscuit Jar
    Use full-screen, and yer will see our lyrics too!

    Weatherstock Raw video feed from MMO reporter.

    If you want to see the rest of the event too, here are the other videos from the same show.

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4
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  12. Lina Chief

    A nice write-up from the night, with lots of pictures, by miss Rosline here!

    Information from the night + more pictures from the Turbine forums:

    And here are me own pictures from the night. Not too many, it is hard to concentrate with so much going on!

    A few samples:

    From the procession to Weathertop

    Strollers and friends and many more!

    Them crowds are huge!

    The Shades won the Light in the Dark prize!

    Time for the Great Smoke-out!
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  13. Lina Chief

    More stuff!

    Another complete video from the night, from LOTRO players:

    Here is the complete "Unexpected Vidcast", which features footage from the Strollers warmup concert:

    They also has a picture gallery with looooooots of pictures:

    Suzawen's pictures from the night:

    Flora tweeted this picture of the Strollers (from the MMO reporter vidcast, I think):

    Keli's article: They stole our audience!

    LOTRO Players has a long writeup after the event:

    Nice picture of the bands & organizers by @biohazrad88

    The official Weatherstock Twitter feed has lots of pictures:

    Oh, and here is the official Weatherstock 5 theme song - Let's Go To Weatherstock:
    A grand tune! (should have been "Where bounce and biscuits are", though" *giggles*)

    Braxwolf's Letter from the West, from LOTRO Players:

    Another grand writeup from the event from Why I Game:
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  14. Yusra Member


    I did not go there, but I feel totally there wathing the video. My you hobbits were GRAND! And you played my favourite song, hooray! The catfish action!, I don't really like fish but I love that song it makes me so happy. Hooray for you hobbits! I'm proud of you!

    ((I did not go because of the laaaaggg I already get when I'm the Green Dragon, so going to a place like this was not a really good option.))
  15. Lully Member

    Well done Strollers on another impressive performance, and well done to all those who strollered over there to give them support! *cheers loudly*
  16. Akelay Member

    I missed Weatherstock with CATFISH ACTION?!? That is even worse than I thought!!! Thanks for all the videos and pictures, can't wait to watch them all.
    As for the votes, I will bring me Pa next year, too, maybe even Lyshko, then we have 3 more votes! *giggles*
  17. Yusra Member

    I keep watching it! *giggles* You were just so grand!
  18. Rubellita Member

    Good idea in itself, Akelay, but I heard someone complain that her/his housemates could not vote. Apparently, it was one vote per ip-adress. Well, that was with the Straw poll voting. Had it been normal voting (by standing next to your favourite band) it would have worked!
  19. Lina Chief

    I think the two standout lyrics that folks talked about after Weatherstock this year was "Living Next Door to Gandalf" by Tallic/The Chosen Few and "Catfish Action" by Sev. So well done both of yer! Hobbits show the way once again! *salutes*

    As for the voting, I understand there has been some talk about removing the competition aspect of Weatherstock, and just stick to the music and the spectacular event. It is certainly something to consider.
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  20. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Ooh, I would not mind removing the competition stuff. Although of course exciting, it is always too bad that most bands must lose for some to win. And I don't think the people come for the competition, I think they come to hear the bands play and to be part of such a huge event.

    And hooray for Sev and Tallic! *cheers loudly*

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