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    An (in-character) Introduction – Yusra Greenflower

    I am Yusra Greenflower, from the Greenfields. My mother left me a few days after my birth. My father died when I was one year old. I have got one older sister, Yllisa Noakes - Greenflower. She is married to Loimos Noakes. Yllisa and I did not grow up together. She did try to take care of me for a while but sadly I was too little to remember anything of that.

    (Yllisa's story can be found here:

    When I was 1,5 years old I got to live with a nice lady (not the bad evil one in Yllisa's story, she luckly sold me..) She had her own farm in Oatbarton and she was the best cook I have ever met. She is the reason I love farming and cooking, something I do very often. Most of my pies go to Yllisa nowadays.

    I did not know I had a sister untill I started to travel in the Shire and around Michel Delving. There were some hobbits in Michel Delving who kept saying that I looked a lot like a lass they knew. Thats when I met my big sister Yllisa. She could answer a lot of questions I had. Ofcourse I was really happy with finding her, but it also confused me and I needed time to let all this information about my past sink and give it a space.

    I went back to Oatbarton and tried to visit Yllisa often. This was not always possible because I had to stay at the farm of my 'mother'. When I could not go to Yllisa's wedding because of the farm I decided it was enough, I had to move to the Shire to get to know my sister and her husband better, and maybe.. even future babies?

    I packed my belongings, hired a lad for the farm and left to go to the Shire for good.
    I stayed in Waymeet for a while. But I did not really feel safe with a 'Stepwise lad that likes to sneak around in your bags' living that close to me. I slept under the mushroom tent in the yard of People of the Shire for a while. It was a nice place to sleep in the summer, and always something to eat and cook with! But it is getting colder and I would like a place of my own.

    Now Yllisa offered me to take over her lovely house in Bramblebury. Hooray! She says she is not there often anymore, because she has a house together with Loimos in Oldfurlong. This will hopefully be a new start of a stable life. If you need some cooking or farming done, or you just want to chat.. feel free to visit me at 2 Myrtle Court - Bramblebury. This week I will be busy to redecorate the house. Feel free to come help or have a nice chat, there is always a pie or two in my bag!
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    Welcome, miss Yusra!
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    Welcome to the Order and to Bramblebury! *cheers*
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    * cheers at Yusra and hugs her

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